About Us

We believe in meaningful design and the joy of beautifully hand-crafted objects.

Large Flake Rim BowlThe ceramics we create are functional, but also beautiful in their simplicity.

Our team meticulously crafts each piece through a a wide range of techniques, including hand-throwing, slip-casting and jiggering. Made from a variety of clays and glazes, our range retains the authenticity of handmade objects, while keeping a consistently clean, precise form.

From planters to plates and vases, our ceramics are restrained, elegant, and made to outlast fleeting trends.

We reject the soullessness of mass-produced products, yet we still push our techniques and materials as far as they’ll go, resulting in a range of consistently clean, sculptural forms that are distinctly handmade.

We weren't always ceramicists.

In a previous life, Martin worked as a chartered accountant, while Colin was an electro-mechanical engineer.

Mutually frustrated by the lack of well-designed planters and drawn to a more creative calling, we decided to join forces. A year, and many evening pottery classes later, Vorster & Braye was launched.

Our signature mix of modern techniques and classical proportions is reflected in the way we approach design; Martin creates computerised 3D models, while Colin prefers the classic sketch on paper or build with clay method.