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Vorster & Braye

Flake-Rim Vase

Flake-Rim Vase

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Crafted from a luxurious terracotta clay, the Flake-Rim vase is offered in two glaze finishes: Ivory and Sea Green, and 9 complimentary shapes. The name "Flake-Rim" originates from its daring design approach, challenging the notion of ceramics being chunky by forming an exceptionally thin rim.

Z1: Ø16 x H28cm
Z2 Ø15.5 x H25cm
Z3 Ø15 x H19cm
Z4 Ø18.5 x H10cm 
Z5 Ø12.5 x H13.5cm 
Z6 Ø10.5 x H14.5cm 
Z7 Ø12.5 x H22.5cm 
Z8 Ø13 x H22cm
Z9 Ø18.5 x H10cm

Note: Not suitable for dishwasher use.
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